Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Black like a brute

It lies there mute

When it talks in style

It flashes bright smile

It sings what they like

It stops when they dislike

It’s cared, it’s abused

It’s shoved, it’s refused

They call it an idiot box

And admit it’s like the stinking socks

It predicts unpredictable weather

And the coming price of leather

Some own more than one

Yet some have none

Wading infinite family moods

And spectra of routes

Say all at home

TV removes a vacuum

The ladies like the soaps

The males dismiss ‘em as dopes

They love the losing sports

Despite tons of ads it promotes

The kids like the toons

Others think it is a boon

Whatever said and done

The small screen will definitely run.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Wake up Rohan, wake up; today you’ve a test!

He eats up Calculus and Calorimeter in good jest,

Chews on mundane axioms one, two unto five

And belches theorems of geometry dead and alive.

Rohan moves to school in nonstop research and reveries,

Of his tutors with monstrous knowledge from mortuaries.

Oh! Does his face turn turtle or purple? Of course not gentle

As he taps, the electronic face spews out data that startle!

He ponders o’er not so green a “Green Revolution”!

He is rushed to the Pink City o’er the deep blue Ocean

He learns of blue litmus that turn rancid with acid

And suffers lessons on Yellow Fever and how things go placid

‘Rohaan’ calls the French Madam and goes on to grill

On this and that and ‘bonjour Mademoiselle’

She checks her watch set on patterns o’ Conjugation

And, yells to the class to take her petite translation

The great India history is a funny story

The boiling point of Hydrogen a great glory!

Geography turns so dreary with Mr. Pot-Belly Thomas

He irritates with his snide jokes and worn out smelly Atlas!

Rohan crams determiners and metaphors in spells

More idioms and pernicious tenses, and it tells!

What’ more is made up in radicals and molecules

While Benzenes, Al-de-hydes and Ke-tones stare in ridicule

He is at his creaky desk to the right, really, really a sorry sight

He stares at the queries on the paper until they fade into night

In his dream his teacher praises and rates him the best

Wake Rohan, wake up! You’re taking a test!!