Thursday, September 20, 2007


It rains and rains and rains
In the valleys and the plains
On the road it spills o’er drains
And snakes up the tarred lanes

It makes puddles of strong tea,
which grows into a big sea!
The frogs gather for the party
There they orgy in real frenzy

Its little droplets march up to wind
Like smart regiments soldiers they sprint
In crazy gale they wrap nature in chintz
They tickle and play on the tamarinds

Cloudy by day and starless at night
The sky mourns draped in dark hide
Of her dear darling- the short-lived spring
All in its glory smiling and giving

Nevertheless, drizzles come tingling
Cloudbursts then come gushing
Sometimes hail go clamoring
Surely storms descend menacing

It sprouts the seeds and plants all green
On farmers’ beaten face a smile is seen
Once or twice it turns a violent sheen
It stays for a while and leaves the scene

Sulking rain stays up as dark brooding clouds
When happy it just drizzles diamonds around
And jovial hails laugh out much too aloud
When angry storms come hurtling down

Late or soon, the monsoon
To the parched earth is a boon
Wild goes the beasts’ platoon
Pops up the new born mushroom

Rain is a pain but also a gain
It enriches and ravages lives again and again
It bathes nature and yields grain
It breaks the knots of the complacent chain