Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Dear Bro!!

A witty guy- my bro-

In math, he was a pro!

His pluck I did adore.

His laugh was a roar!

To Joke he said right-ho!

To misery he said NO!

He loved us all more!

He was never slow-

To wipe tears of woe!


I take a memory tour.

I stood near the door.

He lay on the floor!

I was not sure how to go.

He was pale, I saw!

Was tragedy in store?

Later I came to know-

He was no more!

He died in a snore!

To us it was a blow!


My mom sounded hollow.

Gone was her sweet fellow-

She cried into the pillow.

Dad was all mellow.

No more did he bellow.

Pain came as sharp arrow!

In agony they did wallow.


Tears and time go-

As his cancer did grow!

Many a remedy did he swallow!

Nothing could slow-

It gored all the more!

In pain, he swore!

Our heart it tore!

Our spirit it stole!


He is no more!

We feel so low-

The pain is slow!

At times tears flow!

Or feel our minds soar!

Memories are in store!

On our face they glow!

Amid tears that furrow!!

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