Tuesday, June 10, 2008


He kept to the shadows

And walked across the meadows

Head bent, belly spent

Down the barn past the taunting primrose.


They say he’s a blackguard

And that, all must be on guard!

In the valley and the gully

For he’s sure to slice us without regard!


It seems he took the life

In fishy circumstances, of his wife

She’d pleaded ‘n’ even conceded

But in the end nothing got off the strife.


‘He’s crazed,’ they wail

‘Can’t be trusted’; ‘He should be in jail,’

None dare argue on this issue,

They brand him ‘no good’ and there’s none to bail.


My neighbour says it isn’t fair

For the man couldn’t hurt a hare

‘It’s a frame up they’d set up’

Now he’s hunted ‘n’ his kin is in despair.


They promptly sit on judgement

On others’ pathetic predicament

‘A sacrilege!’ they cry and ‘the man has to pay!’

And then walk off for a nefarious commitment.


In the dark, silhouette foreplay

The phantoms grin malicious and gay

Their eyes glow red like an eagle’s beak in blood

While he sat concealed hoping for another day.


Another fine day

It never came, they say

They led him to the gallows across the meadows

Alas! Dead and stiff, in silence he lay.


* * * * * * * * * *


A sin it became

A curse they couldn’t tame

Their family broke up; their judgment turned a joke

And they repented in shame.

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