Monday, June 2, 2008

Twist of Life

Life has twists and turns and scores of surprises and shocks in store. For a person to have started a career in Hospitality services and ended up as an Admin. Manager in a Projects Company is merely by chance may be a tall claim, but that is the truth. People like me will always be carried by the tides of twists and turns and face a lot of shocks. On the other hand, those with a scheme in front an ambition to fulfill will move in a single stream with a definite goal and destination.


But, what the hell!! Both get on with their lives with a moderate level of achievement. Well, that might depend on what you consider achievement. Even so, I feel my path is ok, because we don't need to be on guard and have any goals whatsoever. Also one doesn't have to be stuck to the same routine always. I for one enjoyed being a squeeky smart travel executive for the time I was employed thus. Then there was a longer stint as marketing / sales executive, which too gave me lots of thrill and greater chagrin to many others. For a decade I worked as a teacher and now this.

Looking back I feel I have learnt a lot of trade, tricks of the trade and never got bored by the monotony. I don't think many will share my enthusiasm.

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Materialmom said...

Well said! Such an adventurous journey is truly satisfying, it gives one a unique perspective of life.