Friday, September 19, 2008

Baba I miss you.. .

Such a small and cuddly, yet so strong! Baba, you were so tender and so, so soothing. I miss you terribly. Wherever you are.

You were there when we needed. You just gave and asked for nothing. Now you are gone, I feel a part of me has gone too.

In my youth I was horrible, yet you accepted me, when others were critical.

What have I given you? Nothing! I couldn't even come to your death bed and cremation.

How I try to solace myself saying you are so understanding and will not hold grudge.

But I feel guilty and helpless and angry at myself for losing such a precious person from my life forever.

Wound will heal, memories will fade, but world without you will be so much morbid and tiresome.

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Materialmom said...

You are so right; Baba was generosity personified and how she loved us and all who knew her! I do miss her so.