Thursday, March 29, 2007


Education is an ongoing process that helps to transform the unskilled to skilled, the narrow-minded to broad-minded, the inefficient to efficient and so on. Education has many meanings. Basically through education we learn the rudiments of social structure, behavioural patterns, character building, manners, morals and principles on the one side and on the other it gives you lessons on efficiency, skill and organization to do things. “The truly educated know there is no end to education and are humble about their knowledge.” – This was told by a visiting dignitary to our school – Mr. R.V.G. Menon when he interacted with us. Needless to say, this means education never stops. Vanity is the quality of the uneducated. While literacy and numeracy are a part of the educational process, they are not the only part of education. We must learn to be responsible, dedicated and empathetic, to the unfortunate; we must strive hard to better ourselves and those around us; we must seek higher goals both spiritually and economically and attain them; we must bring pride to our locality, region, country and the world as a whole. These are the duties of the educated. Principled life, dedicated work and adherence to social responsibility are the major tenets of education. We the students of GIS are role models for the student community at large. So it is our duty to bring value and principle to our life. Remember – compromise is the sign of weakness or lack of education.

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