Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey its me again. I just got to remember my childhood when i used to be a rural unsophesticated giggly boy with dribbly nose and scruffy hair. I used to be bullied by the Nasser and gang. I was no match for their rugged physique and rude behaviour. I used to cry silently at home when lights went out and Mom gave a good night kiss. I used to cling to her hand. She would gently cajole me to sleep. I never felt like telling her the truth and despair her turbulant mind. I kept it to myself and suffered humiliation day after day. In due course of time, it just turned out to be a weary ritual. Eventually the bullying ended when the gang got kicked out for harming an influential boy. Why am I telling this anecdote? It is to tell all those out there: if you let it pass and be patient you can survive without much ability. Don't get carried away by situations; instead handle them with patience. Soon you will acquire the finesse to handle difficult situations. If I can survive anyone can!

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