Thursday, March 29, 2007


The tear of a petal,
The mirth on a church bell,
The smile of my daughter,
So pure ‘n’ natural.

She’s so precious,
Her manners so gracious,
As Hindus do in ritual.
I name her Harmonious

Every moment she teaches,
Of trust and love she preaches
by her glee-rich smile;
Like sanguine beaches.

Yet, in a moment of anger
Alas! I did beat her in rancor
How frail I’m, I curse and cry
Ah! She hugs me in sweet slumber.

I now see her in the garden,
Talking to hibiscus in passion,
They nod their heads so crimson,
In blatant amusement.

I bid adios at the wretched gate
I now regret the recalcitrant state
Clueless of the deceit, ‘bubbye’ she says
Her eyes linger as I seal my fate.

That’s the picture I remember
In my forlorn days of separation
Of the terrible, terrible treachery
Of a father to a child, so fair.

The moment, I would strain
Within the four walls of pain
As I’d twist for tears of shame
But they never came.

The mornings were merciful
But the nights were cruel
As the shadows danced in fury
As phantoms leered in frenzy.

Now I stare at her image
Time rolls in hysteric rage
Her silvery image mocks back
From the glazed album page.

One day I open a mail
‘Dad it’s me, your li’l quail’
Elusive tears flood my eyes
Tears smudge many a sad travail.

Tomorrow’s her convocation
From the school of medication!
I brush back my thinning hair
I look at myself in despair.

Will her medical degree have a cure?
For a cut so deep in her bosom-
For the daggers of misery;
Only Lord knows for sure.

At the gates I fumble
‘Move away ‘, they grumble
I see her far away I want to reach her
Inside the hall, clumsy I stumble.

There she is taking the paper
I flail my hand at her as she searches
Her dad’s face in the perches
Our gaze meet as Death reaches

I lie in heavenly bliss
As she stoops to give me a kiss
As life flutters by, I hiss
My last breath in her bosom.


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Ramya Menon said...

Dad.... this was one of the most touching things i have ever read... i cried buckets!! better than eric segal