Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Menon's Musings 20

I am just an everyday guy- nothing great, no one ordinary either. Just the sort of guy anyone would accept easily. But let me warn you. Better to keep me away with a barge pole especially girls. Yet people who know me say I am not so bad! Hats off my girl, she just can't give me up. don't conclude that I am a LOSER! I am not just a LOSER; I am the BIGGEST LOSER in town. I sort of got drifted to the languid dunes of the Arabian Desert with it mystic mysteries. Of course by the time I drifted in it too had lost its rugged charm and had become one those busy oil-rich settlements the Middle East has reduced itself to. Predictable humdrum life made all the more monotonous by the mechanical life style and narrow interests haunt me here too. In my fiftieth year I finally made another migration to the virtual world of forums and blogs. "Never too late" goes the saying but I wonder! In Malayalam there is a saying "Wherever a sinner goes it turns out to be a hell". Hope it doesn't happen with me. . .

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