Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What must we do to overcome terrorism?

When we neglect a person, we deny him proper understanding of our attitude. We abandon him to theorize about our intension and deduce based on such a theory he harbours. Communication gap aggravates the misunderstanding and resulting in the person getting ostracized. Apply this to a larger section and we get such a group of disgruntled people. After a considerable span of time communication among the group furthers this process and brings a chasm of difference between them and the main stream of the society. Neither seems to understand the other or bother to. Now the sidelined group has two options; to accept or react. One of the extreme reactions is terrorism.

First of all, there must be a paradigm shift in global and national initiatives. Rather than merely emphasizing on economic and material development, policies must target human development. Prominence must be given to micro societies and their pertinent situations to bring them to the mainstream of eco-socio centric activities. The current tendency to initiate policies in this direction should shift from remote national initiatives to active local centers where the NGOs/ social workers understand the needs of the society. Pragmatic programmes for human development should be implemented without red tape. Rural and urban administration must have more of people consensus rather than bureaucratic interference; nor should it be thwarted by political indecision and inaction. Time should be given to understand, analyse and troubleshoot indigenous problems with the help of people’s forum. For this there must be radical changes in several government and non- governmental procedures, attitudes and mode of activities.

Fanaticism, sectarianism, communalism and ethno-centrism are fragmenting beleaguered societies that are vulnerable to indoctrination and entrapment by the individuals with vested interests. They take advantage of the spirited yet helpless youth, and enroll them in terrorist organizations. So special programmes should be aimed at the youth to identify them, nurture and empower them.

Media takes special pleasure to sensationalise such issues purely for commercial purpose, although lofty claims are made about enlightening the public about what is happening. What must be done is not just talk and rave about such issues; perhaps such announcements only help to give free propaganda for the people’s enemy. Why not give greater role for the NGOs to be among the bitter people and sooth their wounds? Today, a giant share of the rural empowerment and disaster management are done by the NGOs, yet not one of them is mentioned in the news channels after the tsunami recovery. No chat shows either!! The press/TV folk can do something to prop these NGOs up a little bit. In fact the administration can share a lot more of their power with the NGOs and give them money and means.

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